Salma Khan A Thyroid Patient

Salma Khan A Thyroid Patient

Salma khan is 26 years old lady from Jaipur,Rajasthan. She was suffering from thyroid disease since the age of 22 years. She had symptoms of headache, irritation, joints pain specially knee joints, cervical &lumber joints, shoulder joints, rigidity in body, weight gain, swelling on body, hair falls and more.

She was taking thyroid pills at that time and TSH level was 10.5 µIU/L.

She came here at Gangwal Homoeopathy Research Hospital with severity of the symptoms specially joints pain continuously became severe with the rigidity of body and increasing body weight with swelling on body.

After 5 days of treatment all the above mentioned symptoms have been relieved. After 2 months of treatment she has been stopped to thyroxin ( Allopathy) medicine.

In 5th July 2017 the TSH level became down to 4.07 µIU/L from 10.5 µIU/L without any of discomfort.

In April 2017 she became pregnant with the TSH level of 6.297 µIU/L without worsening of the symptoms. But still she was on homoeopathic medicines with us.

In whole pregnancy of 9 months she never taken allopathic medicines( iron, calcium, folic acid, no antiemetic ). During pregnancy she never feel requirement of allopathy. No complaints till the delivery.

During pregnancy nearly 6 moths, 16 October 2017 the TSH level became down to 3.662 µIU/L without any complaints.

Before 1 month of delivery the TSH level was 2.19 µIU/L.

5th February 2018 was delivered a baby boy with normal delivery and without any complication.

Both mother and baby were healthy.

Now she has been completely free from medicines.

Salma khan

jaipur, Rajasthan