Furkan Beg is a 12 years old boy from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Furkan Beg is a 12 years old boy from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Furkan Beg is a 12 years old boy from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Since dentition period he is going through Loose motion, vomiting, Laziness , red eyes, Haematuria ( urine with blood), vertigo Weakness, cold body, Asthma, acidity and burning in chest for several times till the age of 8 years.

His Parents thought that the Gastric problems were because of dentition time. But this continued . The parents were worried about the condition of child . So, they tried their best by doing everything possible for the recovery of their child.

The baby boy was lean thin, his skeleton body with bloated stomach was in very poor condition. All the Doctors seemed helpless .When the Boy was at the age of 8 years, paediatrician ( child specialist ) diagnosed the disease as CELIAC DISEASE (WHEAT ALLERGY ).

They suggested not giving him wheat and any of the wheat products, then all the symptoms disappeared in a single day. But the Question of parents was the same, how to fight Celiac Disease. All the paediatrics, gastroenterologist clearly mentioned that it's a incurable disease. There was only a single way to solve this problem which was by avoiding wheat and wheat products.

But this way was not easy to follow in our daily routine life. This was a challenge they have to fight every single day.They came here when the child was 9 years old.

Before the treatment was started the weight & the height were 16 kgs & 117 cms. TTG-IgA was 235 u/ml.All the symptoms had subsided but Asthma was as it is after avoidance of wheat.

He has started to eat wheat and wheat products after treatment of 1 month. After 3 months weight & height increased to about 20 kgs & 120 cms and TTG-IgA showed subsequent increase of about 3.20 U/ml with regular intake of wheat and without any complaints.

After 11 months, 24 kgs of Weight & 123 cms of Height was the result of treatment.

The TTG-IgA was decreased to 1.70 U/ml without any complaints and with regular intake of wheat. Now nearly more than 2 years have been Completed and He is fine after the treatment, all the reports denotes to CELIAC DISEASE Which is normal with regular increasing Weight & Height as a normal baby.

The TTG-IgA level is now constant and in normal range.